216. (a) The rules in this chapter apply to the following classes of loans and advances by the State Government.

(i) Advances to cultivators (viz.), those under the Land Improvement Loans Act (XIX of 1883) and the Agriculturists’ Loans Act (XII of 1884).

(ii) Advances under special laws (e.g.) those under the Bundelkhand Encumbered Estates Act.

(iii) Advances to landholders.

(iv) Advances to municipalities and Zila Parishads.

(v) Uttar Pradesh Encumbered Estates Act Bonds.

(vi) Miscellaneous loans and advances.

(b) Rules regarding the above classes of loans and advances will be found in the rules made under the Acts referred to and in departmental manuals concerned.

217. Except where the power to sanction loans has been delegated to subordinate authorities (e.g.) in the case of those falling under class I—see rules contained in Financial Handbook, Volume I and the (Revised) Takavi Rules, the grant of loans and advances referred to in this chapter requires the previous sanction of the Government in the Finance Department.

218. Estimates for the loans to be granted under Acts XIX of 1883 and XII of 1884, shall be prepared and submitted to the Government in accordance with the procedure laid down in rules 6—15 of Chapter II of the (Revised) Takavi Rules.

219. The amount of appropriation voted by the Legislature for grant of advances to cultivators under Acts XIX of 1883 and XII of 1884 will be communicated to the Board of Revenue early in the financial year. The amount will be distributed by the Board in accordance with rules 16-17 of the (Revised) Takavi Rules. Additional appropriation, if necessary, should be asked for in accordance with the procedure laid down in rules 14-15 and 22-25 of the (Revised) Takavi Rules.

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