Plus and Minus Memorandum

234. (a) In every Treasury whence revenue advances have been made one or more plus and minus memoranda should be kept, in which the advances should be debited and all recoveries credited. One of these plus and minus memoranda shall be the ordinary account of revenue advances and other special account shall be opened from time to time for any special officers authorized to make advances, who may, under the orders of the revenue authorities, keep and submit accounts separate from the general account of the district officer.

(b) The plus and minus memoranda maintained under clause (a) will be submitted with the monthly Treasury accounts, and will be under the order of the Accountant General, whose care it will be that they accurately represent the credits, debts and balances that pass upon his accounts in respect of revenue advances of the district or officer concerned.

235. No officer authorized to make advances may question the accuracy of the plus and minus memorandum as the record of his responsibility, otherwise than by satisfying the Accountant General of its erroneousness, and causing him to correct it. Every officer, therefore, should see that the debits and credits made to his accounts accurately correspond with those which enter his own registers and returns. If he is not the district officer, he should obtain from the Treasury a copy of the plus and minus memorandum with which he is concerned. Special care should be taken in paying recoveries into the Treasury, that the amount of interest and of principal recovered be separately and distinctly credited, as the former must not and the latter must, be credited, in the plus and minus memorandum.

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