244-M. Advance for the construction or repair of a house :—

(1) On receipt of an application, the sanctioning authority will examine the regularity of the application, with reference to the points mentioned in paragraphs 244-H (2) and 244-I

(2) After the sanctioning authority has satisfied himself on the points referred to above, he will forward to the applicant a form of mortgage bond in Form no. 22 or 23, as may be necessary, for the purpose of mortgaging the property to the Government.

(3) The applicant will execute the bond and submit it to the sanctioning authority.

(4) After the Government in the Finance Department have allotted funds the sanctioning authority may sanction the advance payable in two or more instalments. When the amount of the advance is small and the drawing officer certificates that it is likely to be utilized within three months, it may be made payable in one instalment.

(5) The order of sanction must fix a definite date within one month from the date of sanction or 31st March, whichever is earlier during which period the first instalment or the whole advance, as the case may be, must be drawn.

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