Conditions of Repayment

250. All advances are subject to adjustment by the Government servants receiving them, in accordance with the rules applicable to each case. When an advance is adjustable by recovery, the amount to be recovered monthly should not be affected by the fact of a Government servant going on leave of any kind with allowances or on subsistence allowance. It is, however, open to the Government to order a reduction in any case in which they deem it right to do so, provided that in the case of advances under paragraphs 244 to 246 the whole amount shall be completely recovered by the due date.

250-A. The sanction for refund of the amount which has been paid in excess in repayment of the principal of the loan and/or interest thereon by a Government servant or a private individual shall be issued by the authority competent to sanction the original loan after verifying from the departmental authority/Accountant General responsible for maintaining the detailed account of the loans that such a refund is due to the loanee; the fact of having made such a verification should be indicated in the sanction. No further authority for payment from the Accountant General is necessary in the case of a gazetted Government servant. On the basis of this sanction the head of office in the case of non-gazetted Government servant/Gazetted Government servant or departmental officer who normally disburses the loan in the case of private individuals, may draw funds by presenting a bill in Form no. 42-H, separately for amounts paid in excess on account of principal of a loan and for interest at the Treasury attaching to the bill a copy of the sanction for such refund. The head of office/departmental officer concerned shall disburse the amount to the loanee and obtain his acquittance, duly stamped where necessary. The classification on the bill for withdrawal on account of excess deposit of loan and the interest thereon shall be shown as "Minus Credit" to the head of account to which the loan was debited at the time of its payment and "Deduct Refunds" under Major Head "249—Interest Payment" respectively. The departmental officer/Accountant General who keeps the detailed account of the loan will keep a note of the sanction for the refund in the relevant loan account and when payment is actually made, the voucher number and date of payment will also be recorded and attested by the departmental officer/gazetted officer in the Accountant General’s Office as the case may be.

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