Classification of Repairs

270. (i) Repairs to residential buildings are classified under three heads :

(a) Annual repairs, comprising items of work which are carried out every year, such as white washing or distempering wall surfaces and repairing leaks in roofs.

(b) Quadrennial repairs comprising items of works which need only be carried out once in four years, such as painting or varnishing doors and windows or repairing roads.

(c) Special repairs or repairs which do not recur at regular intervals, being chiefly renewals of structure.

(ii) Repairs to non-residential and rent-free buildings are classified under two heads :

(a) Annual repairs comprising the items of work referred to at (a) above.

(b) Special repairs comprising the items referred to at (b) and (c) above.

NOTES—(i) The duty of keeping the compounds of residential buildings clear of weeds and jungle devolves on tenants and the Government will not meet any expenditure on this account except when a house is untenanted.

(ii) Outside doors and windows of the labour quarters constructed under the Subsidized Industrial Housing Scheme of the Government, may be repainted after every two years instead of four years.

271. Expenditure debitable to annual or quadrennial repairs does not enhance the capital value of a residential building ; but part of the expenditure debitable to a special repair estimate very often does increase the capital value, for instance when a thatch roof is replaced by roof of a superior kind, e.g. by a jack-arch roof. All estimates for special repairs to residential buildings should, therefore, be dealt with under paragraph 273.

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