Non-residential and Rent-free Buildings

272-A. (i) Heads of Departments will fix the amount to be spent on annual repairs for each building or group of buildings and supply each local officer with a list of all annual repair allotments relating to buildings in his charge. The allotments detailed in these lists will be considered as set free for expenditure by the local officer as soon as the civil budget has been sanctioned.

NOTE—The allotment for annual repairs should not be utilized for any other class of work without reference to the head of the department. Allotment for special repairs shall be made in accordance with clause (iii) below.

(ii) These allotments should be so fixed that out of the total appropriation for "maintenance and repairs" a suitable sum should remain as reserve with the head of the department for special repairs, for making additional allotments if excesses are reported on allotments for annual repairs, and also for placing a small sum at the disposal of the local officer in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 272-B. Heads of Departments should revise the list of allotments from time to time on the information obtained from competitive tendering.

(iii) Heads of Departments will allot funds for special repairs from their reserves on requisition from local officers, who should submit their demands not later than May 15. Allotments should be made as early as possible, and in computing the allotment required, no allowance should be made for work which will be done during March. (See also paragraph 273).

272-B. Heads of Departments will place at the disposal of local officers grants amounting to about one-eighth of the allotment for annual repairs for expenditure on unforeseen special repairs of an urgent nature. No single work exceeding Rs. 50 in cost will be carried out from this grant and it will not be available for expenditure on residential buildings.

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