Residential Buildings

272-C. Allotments required for annual repairs, quadrennial repairs and special repairs to residential buildings, whether borne on the capital and revenue accounts or not, are determined when the rent statements are prepared (paragraph 279); so also are the grants required for annual repairs and special repairs to the water-supply, sanitary and electrical installations in those buildings. The grants for annual repairs will be included in the local officers’ list and will be considered as set free for expenditure by the local officer as soon as the civil budget has been sanctioned, vide paragraph 272-A.

For quadrennial and special repairs, the local officers will submit their demands to the Head of the Department for an allotment from his reserve as laid down in clause (iii) of paragraph 272-A, but when making a demand for special repairs the local officers should submit an estimate also (see paragraphs 273 and 274).

NOTE—Provision for one class of repairs or work should not be utilized for another class of repairs or work without reference to the Head of the Department.

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