Intimation of Demands for Rent

283. (a) In the case of gazetted Government servants and those non-gazetted Government servants who draw their own pay bills, the local officer should intimate the amount recoverable on account of house rent from each Government servant to the Treasury Officer who cashes the pay bill of the officer concerned, and it will be the duty of the Treasury Officer to recover monthly the amount so intimated from the pay bill of the Government servant concerned, until such time as a change in the amount recoverable from each Government servant or in the emoluments of the Government servant who occupies any building is intimated to him by the local officer concerned. The occasion for a change arises generally when the Government servant occupying the building vacates it on transfer to any other station, when there is a change in the rates of his emoluments, or when the standard rent of the building is revised.

Deductions on account of rent should be shown in the pay bills by the officers drawing the bills.

(b) Whenever a Government servant from whom house rent is deducted hands over charge in the middle of a month, the Treasury Officer should see that the rent due has been recovered before he makes a final payment of any outstanding bill in question, or note it on the last-pay certificate to be issued by him.

284. In the case of non-gazetted Government servant except those referred to in paragraph 283 above, the duty of recovering the house rent will devolve on the head of the office under whom the official is employed. The head of the office should show the amount as deduction in the establishment pay bill in which the pay of the official is drawn.

The provisions of paragraphs 92, 93 and 94 and the rules thereunder are applicable to rents recovereable on residence referred to in the rules of this Chapter.

285. In both the case referred to in paragraphs 283 and 284 the Treasury Officers will debit the gross amount of the bill including the amount of rent recovered by per contra credit to rents of buildings under respective departmental receipt heads concerned. The recoveries relating to each department should be supported by a separate schedule of receipts.

286. The local officer will obtain from the Treasury a list of recoveries made monthly from the bills and shown in the schedule of rents sent with the Treasury accounts to the Accountant General.

287. The local officer shall submit every month to the Accountant General, a statement in Form no. 30 of demands realizations and arrears of rent in respect of every residential building under his control. The statement should reach the Accountant General not later than the 15th of the month following that to which it relates.

288. (Deleted).

289. A quarterly certificate to the following effect should be given for the months of April, July, October and January in the statement submitted under paragraph 287 :

"Certified that there has been no extension or alteration requiring in accordance with the provisions of Subsidiary Rule 20-C of the Financial Handbook, Volume II, an increase in the sanctioned rent except as detailed below :

Name of building. Additional expenditure involved."

290. If there has been any such expenditure it must be seen that it has brought to the notice of the Divisional Engineer for action with reference to paragraph 291.

291. All proposals involving the remission in full or of part of rent for residential buildings occupied by Government servants and service installation provided therein or the writeoff of irrecoverable rents for the grants of rent-free quarters should be referred for orders to the Government in the administrative department and the Finance Department of the Government will be consulted by that department before the issue of orders.

NOTES—(1) Whenever a rentable residential building is converted into a non-residential building as a permanent measure previous approval of the Government in the Finance Department should be obtained.

(2) Building designed for dwelling purposes, forming part of a tahsil, police station or other institution, will, with the exception of quarters for employees in inferior service, constables and jail warders in accordance with approved standard designs, be treated as residential.

291-A. Whenever it is proposed to convert a rentable residential building into a non-residential building as a temporary or a permanent measure, a reference should be made to the Government in the administrative department, who will obtain the concurrence of Finance Department before the issue of orders.

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