Allotment of Funds

293. (a) Funds for the construction of petty works will be provided in the civil budget estimates in the shape of a reserve placed at the disposal of the Head of each Department. He will at his discretion, allot lump-sums to the local officers with the proviso that the latter should not ordinarily undertake any work which he is not likely to complete within the financial year, in special cases, the local officer will be permitted to obtain the approval of the head of his department for the work being carried over into a second year, which approval will involve the responsibility for finding funds.

(b) In case the Head of the Department does not allot lump-sums to the local officer under the above rule, he should place a small sum not exceeding 1/8 of the total grant for petty works at the disposal of local officers for petty original works of an urgent nature not costing more than Rs. 50. This grant will not be available for expenditure on residential buildings.

NOTE—Allotments should be made as early as possible in the financial year, and when computing the allotment to be made for a petty work no allowances should be made for expenditure on works executed in March.

(c) The lump-sums placed at the disposal of the local office under clause (a) above should not be used for any class of repairs nor should they be utilized for petty works, to residential buildings. When distributing the allotment, the Head of the Department should keep a suitable sum in reserve to meet the expenditure on petty works relating to residential buildings, and allot funds on requisition from the local officers concerned.

294. No transfer of funds need be made from the Civil to the Public Works Department budget estimates either in the case of electrical works or in the case of other petty works the execution of which, for special reasons, may be entrusted to the Public Works Department. The Divisional Engineer will include the transactions in his accounts and an advice of the amounts to be adjusted will be sent by the Accountant General to the local officers concerned.

NOTE—Under this rule, the Public Works Department will execute all petty works in connexion with Treasury strong rooms.

295. (a) For the execution of petty works local officers will obtain designs and estimates from private agencies and local contractors (see paragraph 305). If, however, such works involve structural difficulties or need technical knowledge it shall be at the option of the Civil Department to request the Public Works Department to carry them out. The Public Works Department shall, at their discretion carry out such works; but in the case of works undertaken on behalf of a Commercial Department they would levy the usual percentage charges (see paragraphs 296 and 306).

(b) The local officer will in every case submit the estimate to the Divisional Engineer for scrutiny. The Divisional Engineer will submit the estimate after scrutiny to the departmental head for sanction and the allotment of funds. In the case of estimates relating to residential buildings, the Divisional Engineer shall also attach a revised rent statement in accordance with paragraph 279. In preparing the revised rent statement, the instructions laid down in paragraph 282-A should be kept in view.

NOTES—(1) The local officer will not call on the Divisional Engineer to inspect a petty work under construction.

(2) When calling for projects private practitioner or local contractors shall asked to submit their estimate which should consist of the following documents :—

(a) the report,

(b) the general specification,

(c) the detailed specification,

(d) the calculations,

(e) the detailed estimate of quantities,

(f) the abstract of cost,

(g) the plans and detailed plans in triplicate.

Submission of report [item (a)] is, however, optional.

(3) The language employed in the preparation of the documents detailed in note (2) above should be Hindi or English.

295-A. Local officers will enter in to contracts for the execution of petty works provided no excess on the estimate is entailed. If the estimate is exceeded the contract will be submitted to the Head of the Department for acceptance.

296. The preparation of designs for, or the execution of, a petty work will not be undertaken by a Divisional Engineer without the permission of the Chief Engineer. This permission will be obtained by the Head of the Department concerned, who, when applying for it, will undertake to find funds for the work during the current or ensuing financial year. On receipt of permission to undertake the work, the Divisional Engineer will follow his departmental rules relating to the preparation of projects and the execution of work, except that the preliminary proposal will be dispensed with.

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