(See paragraph 305)

Schedules of fees

I—Architect’s fees

1. For taking clients, instructions, preparing sketch designs and an approximate estimate based on plinth area

1 per cent.

2. For preparing the specification and all working drawings and 1.25 cm. details necessary to enable tenders to be called for

2 Do.

3. For taking out quantities and pricing them

1 Do.

4. For general supervision of the work including supply of any further drawings required during execution of the work

1 Do.

5. For obtaining tenders, advising on tenders and on the preparation of contracts, selecting and instructing consultants, issuing certificates of payment of passing and certifying accounts in cases where the architect is also concerned with tenders and payments etc

1 Do.

NOTES—(i) The fees for item 1 shall be payable when the work of that item has been completed. The fees items 2 and 3 are payable when a tender has been accepted, provided that, if no tender is called for within 6 months of the completion of items 2 and 3 the fee shall be payable at once. The fees for items 4 and 5 shall be payable in instalments from time to time as the work proceeds.

(ii) The fees shall be calculated on the actual cost of the work acording to the accepted tender provided that if no tenders are called for, the fees shall be calculated on the cost as estimated. The fee paid for item 1 shall be subsequently adjusted on the basis of the accepted tender.

(iii) The fees for architects laid down above are independent of the salary to be paid to a clerk of works, capable of measuring up the work and preparing the bills, who usually is nominated by the architect and appointed and paid by the client.

II—Fees for a firm of contractors undertaking the preparation of project as well as the execution of the work

1. For preparing preliminary plans and estimates 1 per cent on the estimated value of the work.

2 For preparing fair plans and estimates Ditto

NOTES—(i) The scales of fees laid down in the above schedule are only intended to be a guide. Officers entrusting the preparation of designs and estimates to private firms must arrange beforehand what fees are to be charged. In the absence of any such arrangement the firms are at liberty to charge what they please and cannot be bound by any orders of the Government.

(ii) Each fee in these schedules may be regarded as the maximum to be paid for straightforward work. If higher fees are demanded for intricate work of special nature, the sanction of the Chief Engineer, Public Works Department should be obtained to their payment.

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