Telegraphic Transfers

319-A. A person applying for a Telegraphic Transfer must pay the amount of such transfer together with the prescribed charges, including the cost of telegram, before the Telegraphic Transfer is issued.

The application shall be made in the form prescribed by the Reserve Bank which may be obtained from the Treasury. The application form duly filled in will serve as a chalan for the money tendered. The Treasury Officer will retain the application for transmission to the Accountant-General alongwith the daily "Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Remittances Drawn" and grant the remitter a receipt in Form no. 1-A.

319-B. In issuing a Telegraphic Transfer, the following instructions should be observed by the Treasury Officer :—

(i) The telegram to the office making payment of the Transfer should be sent in Reserve Bank Cypher Code authenticated by the Reserve Bank of India Treasury Agencies Private Check Signal.

(ii) A post copy of the telegram and an advice in Form No. R.B.R. 6-C should be despatched to the Paying office at the same time as the telegram is issued.

319-C. In paying a Telegraphic Transfer, the following precautions shall be observed :—

(i) The person claiming payment should be required to produce the telegraphic advice from the place where the transfer has been issued.

NOTE—A Scheduled Bank applying for payment of the amount of a Telegraphic Transfer need not be required to produce the telegram received from the remitter, but a mere letter from the agent of the branch concerned advising receipt of intimation regarding the Telegraphic Transfer and demanding payment should be considered adequate for the purpose of the above rule.

(ii) If the person to whom the Transfer is payable is not known to him, the Treasury Officer should require identification by a well-known and responsible person who should certify that the payee is known to him.

(iii) The payment of the Transfer should be reported at once by a letter to the issuing officer.

(iv) If the Treasury Officer has any reason to doubt whether any person claiming payment is entitled to it, he should telegraph to the issuing office for confirmation.

(v) If the post copy of the telegram authorizing payment is not received within three days of the date on which it should arrive, the Treasury Officer should communicate with the issuing officer and ask for his confirmation of the telegram.

319-D. The provisions of paragraph 325 below apply mutatis mutandis to payments of Telegraphic Transfers as they apply to payments of Drafts.

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