Advice of Remittances drawn

323-A. An advice of all drawings effected on a particular Treasury or the Bank on any particular date shall be sent to the Treasury or the office drawn upon in the special form Prescribed by the Reserve Bank. The advices shall be completed, signed and despatched by the Treasury Officer before the Treasury closes on the day of issue.

Advices of Drafts drawn on the Bank shall be sent direct to the Manager or Agent, as the case may be, of the Bank.

NOTES—Whenever two or more sheets are used for advising the issue of Drafts, each such sheet should be signed by the Treasury Officer.

323-B. If alterations be made in a Draft prior to issue, the corrections shall be noted in the Advice, and each alteration both in Draft and Advice, shall be authenticated by the drawer’s full signature in order to prevent hesitation on the part of the drawee. If the drawer should enter the amount so carelessly as to enable a stranger to alter it, and fraudulently to obtain payment of a larger amount, the drawer, and not the drawee, must bear the loss. But the Treasury Officer drawn on must remember and apply the numerous defensive checks provided for him by these rules.

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