Regularity of Signature

323-C. Variation in the signature of the drawer often entails much trouble on the paying office, and the drawer will be held responsible for inconvenience or delay which may be caused to individuals in consequence of change in or illegibility of, his signature, or other serious irregularity on the face of the Draft, as the drawee would be justified in suspending payment in cases of doubt arising from such cases. The Treasury Officer shall sign his name in English, or have it written in English characters below the signature in any Indian script.

323-D. When any change of Treasury Officer occurs, a specimen of the signature of the relieving officer shall be forwarded by the out-going officer to all officers usually drawn on. The following form will be convenient—

"The undersigned begs to notify to..........that he has on this day been relieved of the executive charge of the Treasury specimen of whose signature is annexed.


Relieved Officer.

___________________ __________________

THE 19 . Relieving Officer.

NOTES—(l) If it should be necessary for a Treasury Officer to draw on a Treasury or an office not usually drawn upon, to which a specimen of his signature has not been sent under the provisions of this rule, he should, at the time of issue of a Draft, also forward a specimen of his signature under a special forwarding letter duly stamped with the seal of the Treasury, which should be posted on the same day in a separate cover and not in the cover containing the Advice.

(2) When an officer who was formerly in-charge of a Treasury resumes charge of it after a lapse of time, his signature need not again be circulated among Treasury and other offices.

(3) Specimen signatures of the relieving officer shall also be forwarded to all Post-Masters, who draw money and also make remittances into the Treasury concerned in the form prescribed in the above rule. The Treasury Officer shall also furnish to the Post-Masters concerned the specimen signatures of the Treasurer and the Accountant who are authorised under paragraph 31-C to acknowledge remittance under Rs. 500 into the Treasury.

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