Issue of Duplicates

327. When satisfactory evidence has been given that a Draft has been either lost or destroyed, and application is made within a reasonable period after issue but before it had elapsed (paragraph 335 below), a duplicate may, without reference to the Currency Officer, be granted to the party who obtained the original, or to the payee, or to the legal representative of either but to no other person. If the Draft should not have been presented for payment within three months, it will be necessary for the applicant to produce a certificate of non-payment from the drawee; but the issue of this certificate will be no bar to the payment of the lost Draft, if presented before the duplicate is paid.

In the event of the loss of both original and duplicate, a triplicate may be issued on the same terms as the duplicate, the non-payment of the others being certified. Neither duplicate nor triplicate can be issued without reference to the Currency Officer, if the Draft has lapsed (paragraph 335 below). Issues of duplicate or triplicate shall be promptly advised to the drawee, in order-that proper note may be made on the advice orginally received.

328. The duplicate and triplicate shall be drawn in exactly the same terms as the original instrument with the same date, the same number, the same amount, and the name of the same payee; so that, if a lost Draft has been endorsed, the endorsee must apply for duplicate through the original payee. It will be issued under the signature of the officer-in-charge of the Treasury at the time, although he be not the person who signed the original Draft.

329. No duplicate or triplicate older than six months shall be paid without previous reference to the Currency Officer.

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