337. In the case of policemen’s remittances, the District Superintendent of Police concerned shall forward the Drafts to the payees direct. There is no objection, if such a course is preferred, or is required by departmental regulations, to his sending the Draft to the District Superintendent of Police of the district in which the payee resides, who will deliver it to payee after satisfying himself as to his identity. Descriptive rolls of the payees duly filled in and signed shall, at the same time, be sent to the Treasury Officers concerned.

338. The Drafts are payable to the parties described in the roll. In cases of doubtful identity, payment may be made on security at the discretion of the Treasury Officer.

339. These Drafts if not presented for payment at the expiration of six months from the date of issue, shall be considered as cancelled, and if they are presented after that period, payment shall be refused. A Draft which has thus become uncurrent may be returned by the payee to the drawer for the issue of a fresh Draft or for the refund of the amount, as may be required.

Should such a Draft, whether original or duplicate, be lost in transit, the District Superintendent of Police will report the loss to the Currency Officer, who will decide the case specially on its merits, sanctioning refund to the person indicated if it appears right. When the Draft is six months old and therefore void, there need be no hesitation in permitting refund on production of a non-payment certificate from the Treasury or office on which it was drawn.

NOTE—These Drafts may also be cancelled as provided for in paragraph 331 above.

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