(Referred to in paragraph 318-D)

Reserve Bank of India Remittances

1. Subject as hereinafter provided, Bank Drafts at par will be issued for remittances by Government Officers, or others on behalf of Government and for other quasi public purposes set forth in rule 3 below.

2. Drafts will be issued ordinarily for a minimum amount of Rs. 50 except for Policemen’s remittances (Paragraph 318-D).

3. The issue of Bank Drafts at par is authorised in the following cases:—

(1) General—To a Government officer for a remittance to be made by him in his official capacity in payment of any service rendered or in pursuance of his official duties. The purpose for which the drafts are required must be clearly stated in the application.

NOTE—Free remittance facility is also provided to all Zila Parishads in the State and to such other local funds as may be determined by the Government from time to time with the concurrence of the Reserve Bank of India, subject to the condition that the remittances are made for bona fide public purposes.

(2) Public Works—To Executive Engineers, District Surveyers and to all Sub-Divisional Officers in the Public Works Department, whether they have drawing account or not, for payments to be made outside their divisions but only on public service and not for private purposes or the convenience of contractors. When purchases are effected, or work is done by one division on account of another, the adjustment will be made by book transfer.

(3) Pay and allowances—The remittance of pay and allowances is not ordinarily a bona-fide public purpose, but a Bank Draft may be obtained for the remittance of the pay and allowances of a Government servant deputed beyond the limits of the district in which his pay has to be drawn. Government Drafts may also be obtained for remittances covered by paragraph 98.

Officers of the Public Works Department may, when presenting bills for pay and travelling allowance of their establishments, obtain Government Draft on other District Treasuries for amounts which may have to be disbursed outside the district but within own jurisdiction. Such Bank Drafts may, if the Accountant General has so authorized, be made payable even at Sub-Treasuries under the rules in Volume VI of the Handbook.

(4) Messrs. Thomas Cook and Sons, Bombay—To Collectors for monthly remittances to Messrs. Thomas Cook and Sons at Bombay of amounts realized by sale of tickets to pilgrims from India to Jedda and back.

(5) Workmen’s compensation—To a Commissioner for Workmen’s Compensation in favour of another Commissioner for the remittance of money remaining in his hands or invested by him, for the benefit of any party to any proceedings pending before him but transferred to another Commissioner in accordance with section 21(2) of the Workmen’s Compensation Act (VIII of 1923).

(6) Investment of surplus Local Funds—(i) To any Local Boards for investment of their surplus funds in the Bank or in any Co-operative Bank authorized by the Government for this purpose.

(ii) To Co-operative Banks in which these surplus funds have been invested for remittances of the interest or investments realized for payment to the Local Boards or Municipalities.

(iii) To Municipalities and School Boards for remittance of their surplus funds for investment in any Co-operative Bank.

(7) For remittance of pensions of widow and orphan incumbents on the Indian Civil Service Funds and the Superior Civil Services (India) Family Pensions Fund not drawn in Delhi or New Delhi—To the incumbents or their agents.

(8) Police—For family remittances to officers and men of the police battalions and police constabulary for remitting money to their families as provided in paragraphs 337-339.

(9) Emigrant’s remittances—For remittances of the estates of deceased emigrants to their heirs and of deposits of returned emigrants.

(10) Co-operative Societies (credit and non-credit)—To the Secretaries or Chairmen of Societies for remittances between Societies and to Central Co-operative Banks which are situated at places where there is no office of the Reserve Bank of India or a branch or any agency of the Reserve Bank for bona-fide remittances to and from the Bank provided that the amount to be remitted is not less than Rs. 150.

(11) Trust funds—To Government servants in favour of Reserve Bank of India, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras for the purchase of Government Promissory Notes out of funds held in trust, including Indian States transactions.

(12) For remittance of Provident fund deposits of Zila Parishads’ servants—To the nearest office, branch, or agency of the Bank.

(13) Refunds of electoral deposits—For the remittances of electoral deposits refunded to candidates for the Legislature who are residing in district different from those where the deposits were originally lodged.

(14) To General Public—At places other than those where the Treasury business is conducted by Bank, for remittance to the office of the Reserve Bank of India at Calcutta, Bombay or Madras, as the case may be, for the purpose of the purchase of securities. The minimum amount of Drafts in such cases is Rs. 5,000.

NOTE—In order to ensure that the Drafts are used for the purpose for which they are taken, they should be issued payable to the office of the Reserve Bank of India at Calcutta, Bombay or Madras and marked for investment in Government securities.

(15) Subscriptions for a public or quasi public purpose—To facilitate the collections of subscriptions for any public or quasi public purpose in which it is interested the Government may allow the issue of one Bank Draft a month from any District Treasury to the local secretary or treasurer of the fund or institution for the purpose of remitting subscriptions to the central body.

NOTE—A list of cases in which permission has been granted is given below:—

(1) Subscriptions to the Agra College, Committee from Mathura and Aligarh in favour of the State Bank of India, Agra.

(2) Subscriptions on behalf of the Society for aid to discharged prisoners to Superintendents of Jails.

(3) Remittances made from the Victoria Memorial Scholarship Fund for expenditure on the objects of the fund.

(4) Remittances of funds to or by the "Indian Nursing Association’’ and "Countess of Minto’s Endowment Fund" and any of their branch.

(5) Contribution to the U.P. Committee of the Indian Council of the British Leprosy Relief Association. (Items 1 to 5 G.O. No. A—324/X—22, dated July 6, 1942).

(6) Remittances within the State made by the Rural Development Associations in U.P. (G.O. No. A—472/X—22, dated March 19, 1942).

(7) Remittances made by the Uttar Pradesh, Soldiers, Board to the District Soldiers’ Board. (G.O. No. A—670/X—22, dated March 19, 1942).

(8) Subscriptions to the British India Association and Canning College fund by the Treasury Officers in Oudh (Except Lucknow) to the Honorary Life Secretary, British India Association, Lucknow and the Honorary Treasurer, Lucknow University, respectively. (G.O. No. A—1063/X—22, dated May 13, 1942. (Book)/311, dated July 25, 1947).

(9) The issue of Bank Drafts is also permitted to the All India Khadi and Village Industries Board in respect of the remittance, required by the Board. (Authority : Reserve Bank of India, Kanpur, letter No. KN(CY) No. 70/6696/Res. 13-15, dated December 6, 1955).

(10) The U.P. Discharged Prisoners Aid society has been authorised to issue Bank Drafts for remittances made by the society in respect of salaries and allowances to its probation officers and also in respect of payment of contributions and for certain other purposes to its District Committees in U.P. (Reserve Bank of India, Kanpur letter No. Rev. 13/2668, dated February 18, 1942).

Form—R.B. R-6C

[See PARAGRAPH 319-B (ii)]


Telegraphic Transfer Confirmation


To the

Reserve Bank of India

State Bank of India at..................................


I have to advise having drown on you to-day the under mentioned Telegraphic Transfer(s) amounting to Rs..... Please pay the amount(s) in full and obtain reimbursement through your Central Accounts Section/Central Accounts Office/Local Accountant General/Comptroller.

Reserve Bank of India

State Bank of India at.................................


Manager/Agent/Treasury Officer/Sub-Treasury Officer

........................................19 .




Date of payment





FORM T.A. 25




Register of Reserve Bank of India Remittances Drawn on the




Number of Item



Nature of drawing

Name of remitter

Name of payee

Serial no. of Remittance*



Initials of Treasury/Sub-Treasury Officer








*In the case of Telegraphic Transfers the name of the beneficiary should be given.

FORM T.A. 26


Register of Reserve Bank of India Remittances Encashed during the period from——to——

Number of Item



Nature of drawing

Serial no. of remittance*


Initials of Treasury




Sub-Treasury Officer



*In the case of Telegraphic Transfer the name of the beneficiary should be given.

FORM T.R. 68


Indent for Reserve Bank of India Draft forms and other connected forms required for use of the Treasury at......................

Description of Form

Issued in the past twelve months

Spoilt and returned after defacement or otherwise disposed of in the past twelve months

Balance in store

Last number in store

Indented for in store


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