Revenue Deposits—Repayments

346. (a) A person claiming refund of a Deposit must produce an order of the Court or authority which ordered acceptance of the Deposit; this order the Treasury Officer will compare with the entry in the register of receipts, and, if the balance be sufficient, he will take the payee’s receipt, make payment and record it at once, under his initials, both in the register of repayments from which a daily total is carried to the cash book and in that of receipts, noting in both also the date and amount of the repayment. If there be not a sufficient balance at credit of the particular item, the Treasury Officer will endorse this fact on the order and return it to the person presenting it.

(b) Earnest money deposits of the Civil Defence and Public Works departments will be refunded only under the authority of an order endorsed upon the original deposit receipt of the Treasury Officer, by the departmental officer in whose favour the Deposit was made. It must be borne in mind that no part payment can ever be made. If, however, the departmental officer desires that the Deposit, instead of being refunded, be credited to a head of revenue, he will return the receipt with this direction, whereupon the Treasury Officer will make the necessary transfer on the authority of this voucher.

NOTES—(1) When at a Treasury the business of which is conducted by the Bank a Deposit is repaid by an order on the Bank, the entry in the register of receipts will be made when the order is issued and that in the register of repayments when the repayment is reported in the daily Bank sheet.

(2) In the case of the mental patients Deposits the Superintendent in-charge of a Mental Hospital will make the payments in cash to the discharged patients from his permanent advance which he should subsequently recoup by withdrawing the Deposits from the Treasury in the manner laid down in clause (a) above.

(3) Special rules relating to refunds of earnest money and security deposits in the Forest Department will be found in Chapter XI of the Forest Account Rules contained in Volume VII of the Financial Handbook.

346-A. Register of repayments will be kept in Form no. 33.

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