Advances from Fund-Forms

388 Advances from any fund may be drawn from the Treasury on Form nos. 6-A, 6-B, 6-C or 6-D, as the case may be, in accordance with the rules of the fund. With this exception no payment on account of any fund, whether as a refund of a subscription overpaid or as a repayment of the whole or a part of the amount accumulated to the credit of the subscriber, can be made without the express authority of the Accountant General.

NOTE—Payment, when authorized, will be made only on the personal receipt of the depositor, or, when he is absent from India, on that of his duly authorized agent, payment may however be made to an authorized banker, if so desired by the subscriber, in the manner laid down in paragraph 110. In event of his death, payment should be made only to his legal representative.

389. When a subscriber to a service or Government Provident Fund is about to retire and under the rules of the fund the money lying at his credit becomes payable on retirement he should place himself in communication with the Accountant General giving the date of his retirement and requesting that steps may be taken to close his account and pay him the amount due. The Accountant General being satisfied of the correctness of the date, should then ask the Treasury Officer who disburses the subscriber’s pay to intimate to him the final payment of fund subscription and when this has been done, should arrange for payment of the amount at credit of the Government servant.

NOTES—(1) In the case of class IV and other Government servants whose General Provident Fund Accounts are maintained by heads of offices, the verification and arrangement for payment of claim will be made by the heads of offices concerned instead of by the Accountant General. In case such a Government servant opts, in writing, to obtain payment from the Treasury himself, the drawing and disbursing officer of the office concerned will arrange to forward an attested copy of the specimen signature of the Government servant in question to the Treasury Officer.

(2) So far as the provisions of this Rule relate to preparation, signing and presentation of bills, these will not apply to cases in which an Accountant General makes final payment of the Provident Fund balances outside his jurisdiction under rule 389-A.

389-A. When the final payment of the balance at the credit of a subscriber [other than those mentioned in note (1) below paragraph 389] to a Provident Fund is to be made outside the jurisdiction of the Accountant General who maintains the Provident Fund Account of the subscriber, that Accountant General will instead of issuing a special seal authority on another Accountant General for arranging the payment, make payment to the payee by a crossed Bank Draft. For this purpose the Accountant General will intimate the amount payable to the payee, and also send a form of receipt to be filled in by him which is given below. On return of the form of receipt duly signed by the payee, a Bank Draft will be purchased by the Accountant General and sent to the payee by registered post.

RECEIVED payment of Rs............(Rupees............) only being the accumulation in my........................

Provident Fund Account No...............................

Station.................. Signature..................

Dated.................. Address......…..........

Please pay by a crossed Bank Draft,



390. Subscribers to the Postal Insurance and Life Annuity Fund, who have retired from the service and whose pensions are to be paid in India, are allowed the option of deducting their premia or subscriptions from pension bills. The Accountant General issuing the pension payment order will in such cases note the amount of the monthly deduction on the pension payment order. The insured person, however will be personally responsible for entering the correct amount to be deducted in his pension bill; and if he fails to do this on any occasion, it will be open to him to pay the amount into the post office.

391. A detailed list of the subscriptions realized in cash on behalf of each fund showing the date and amount of each receipt and the name of the person on whose behalf it is paid in, will be submitted by the Treasury Officer with the cash account. The list will be a copy of a register maintained in the Treasury.

NOTE—Except in the case of the Bengal Uncovenanted Service Family Pension Fund, an important difference with regard to interest, is made between subscriptions paid by deduction from pay bills and subscriptions paid in cash, no interest being allowed for the month of payment on cash subscriptions received after the 4th of the month, whereas subscriptions deducted from a bill bear interest as though they had been received on the 1st of the month.

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