43. Cash-book

43-A. Chalan of cash paid into Treasury or Bank

43-B. Register of disbursement of pay and travelling allowance etc. of the District Headquarters, non-gazetted establishment

44 & 45. [Deleted].

46. Register of receipts

47. Register of expenditure

48. Cash account

49. List of payment

49A. Check register of adjustments by transfers

50. Accountant’s daily balance-sheet

50A. Account of single-book balances

50B. Register of misclassifications by the Bank

50C.Accounts of cash hept in double lock

51. Register of Pension Payment Orders

52. Bill for pension

52-A. Half-yearly declaration of female pensioners whose pensions are terminable on their marriage

52-B. Register of advances drawn for payment of petty pensions at the Banking Treasuries

52-C. Register of Treasuries’ account of pension the advances at the Bankings Treasuries

53. Notice summoning pensioners for identification

54. Register of deposit receipts

55. Register of personal deposits

56. Register of daily receipts and payments of personal deposits

57. Register of cash orders on Sub-Treasuries

57-A. Advice of cash orders

58. [Deleted].

59. Extract register of receipts and payments of personal deposit

60to 70. [Deleted]

71. Schedule of Forest Remittances

71A. Consolidated Treasury receipts for Forest cash remittance

72. Schedule of Forest cheques paid

73. [Deleted]

74. Register of payments

75. Schedule of receipts

76. Pass-book

77. [Deleted]

77A. Certificate of issues of cheques

77B. [Deleted]

78. Consolidated Treasury Receipt for Public Works Department

78A. to 80B [Deleted]

81. Register of Deposits

82. to 84. [Deleted]

85. Letter of Authority

86. Payment of Pension at Treasury


60S. Posting of cheques of Public Works, Irrigation and Forest Departments in the Treasuries

82A. Abstract Register of cheques of Public Works, Irrigation and Forest Departments

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